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A Punks Best Friend >>

So you missed out on Cryptopunks?  Sorry, not gonna make it!  Actually - maybe you are.  Every punk needs a companion.  And we've created 9,999 of them - one for each punk.  Each one of these lil 24-bit pooches is algorithmically generated from a series of traits, stored on IPFS and minting on Ethereum as ERC-721's.


New York, New York >>

We're allocating 100% of secondary sales after tax to homelessness in New York.  Living on the streets sucks, even for dawgs - people steal your stuff, shelters are dangerous and its about to get really cold out there.  Join the Discord to help the community decide where to deploy the funds.

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The Team >>

Before Bitdawgs, there was Bitcoin.  That wasn't us.  We're just a couple dudes who like to build stuff, trade shitcoins and talk about it on Twitter.







Artist/ Developer


  • How many BitDawgs will be available?
  • When is the launch?
    Wednesday 15th December 2021 at 1pm EST. The pre-sale will launch at 9am EST on the same day.
  • Is there a pre-sale and/or whitelist?
    Yes. 999 Bitdawgs will be available for pre-sale, only available to holders of a Moongang NFT - you can get one here at You only need one Moongang NFT to access the pre-sale. The pre-sale will be for 4 hours and will allow pre-sale holders to mint for 50% of the regular mint price. Four special Bitdawg NFT's will be buried in the pre-sale.
  • What will the mint price be?
    0.05 ETH + gas
  • What's the deal with copyright and IP?
    BitDawgs is a CC0 project. To the extent possible under law, we have waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Bitdawgs. This work is published from the United States.
  • Is this project affiliated with Larva Labs?

Join us on Twitter and Discord >> 

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